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(2) Maya Prophecy is Unfolding in Real-Time

Darkness Before Dawn (Part 2) – Maya Katun Prophecy is Unfolding in Real-Time

Note: Some segments of this text contain updated and expanded extracts of information published previously in the Energy Shifts series.

Q: What is the prophecy for Katun 2 Ahau?

The portion of the prophecy for Katun 2 Ahau (2012 to 2032) that is considered the most important by scholars is “It was halfway famine, it was halfway feast. That was the burden of Katun 2 Ahau.”

This is Munro S. Edmonson’s interpretation of a version of the prophecy found in The Book of Chilam Balam of Chumayel [1]. The prophecy is actually more comprehensive than just those two phrases. The rest of it will be explored in detail later, in a future chapter.

Kenneth Johnson explains in his book The Mayan Prophecies: The Renewal of the World 2012-2072 [2] that most scholars apply mainly two interpretations to the phrase ‘‘It was halfway famine, it was halfway feast.” The first one is that half of the Katun would be prosperous and the other half would be “difficult”. The second one is that there would be social disparities between the rich and the poor.

First ‘Feast’, then ‘Famine’:

As mentioned in The Rise and Fall of Polarization, the energy of a katun ascends during the first half, reaches a peak in the middle, and descends during the second half. As stated in What Does the Future Hold?, the prophecy for Katun 2 Ahau should be read in reverse, i.e. that the first half of the katun (2012–2022) would be relatively easy (there will be continued growth) and the second half (2022–2032) would be difficult (there will be a decline of some sort).

This katun has, indeed, been prosperous from 2012 to 2020, with 2020 marking almost eight years of continuous general prosperity. Compared to past decades – and notwithstanding a lot of inequality still present in the world – there has probably never been so much general prosperity in the world on a global scale in the known history of humanity. That is if we consider how large the global population is today compared to past centuries when poverty levels were much higher [3].

An Unexpected Crisis:

Due to the negative economic repercussions that have yet to fully manifest as a result of the global quarantine measures (‘lock-downs’) that have been implemented in countries since March of 2020 as a response to the spread of Covid-19, a global economic downturn and a deep economic recession now seem almost inevitable. Just six months ago, at the start of 2020, such an outcome was not evident at all, although there had been many warning signs that the global economic system was over-leveraged and overstretched because it never fully recovered from the 2008 financial crisis.

Getting Ready:

Since the extent of the imminent economic downturn cannot yet be measured (or fathomed), and since we are very close to the symbolic ‘feast’ to ‘famine’ shift-point according to the prophecy between the two katun-halves, it would probably be prudent to prepare for a drastic change in economic circumstances because – as we can see from current developments – the prophecy for Katun 2 Ahau has matched reality so far and is presently unfolding powerfully in real time.

Although energy shifts can take some time to manifest, an overlap usually starts a couple of years before a katun or half-katun shift-point (as illustrated in Paradigm Shifts in the Age of Polarity) and, as we know from history, financial collapses can be sudden and brutal … the 2008 financial crisis being a case in point.

Growing Social Disparities:

The first half of this katun, prior to the arrival of the Covid-19 crisis, had seen growing social unrest in the form of protests around the world [4][5][6][7]. These protests were mainly because of high food and fuel prices caused by austerity measures implemented by governments, with the working classes and the poor affected directly and severely while more affluent members of those countries were hardly affected at all.

Although protests around the world were interrupted by the global lock-downs implemented in March of 2020, severe rioting and looting subsequently broke out in the USA in June of 2020 in response to a race-related, police brutality incident [8] that had occurred in the city of Minneapolis – and which then spread to various cities around the world. One could speculate that the intensity of those protests was exacerbated by pent-up frustration caused by the months-long, home-confinement measures.

Unrest has since flared up [9] in nations where new lock-down regulations have been implemented due to a resurgence of the Covid-19 virus in a second wave of infections (second waves being a common trait of influenza-like viruses [10]) after confinement measures had already been relaxed for a few weeks. How long the trend of lock-downs in response to this virus (and, perhaps, others) will continue is currently unknown, but what is known is that economies will continue to be severely impacted.

There’s no reason to believe that protests and social unrest would not continue to grow even further under such circumstances since a strong growing trend towards that had already existed prior to the lock-downs [11], and also because the lower strata of income earners in societies are generally much more affected by those type of measures than high-income earners. The result can only be that the gap between the rich and the poor will continue to widen at an accelerated pace.

In light of all these developments, we can clearly observe – and safely conclude – that the prophecy for Katun 2 Ahau has been manifesting accurately since 2012 and that all indications are that it will continue to play out accurately all the way to its end in 2032. The Mayas were not wrong … they were right. It was just that few people in the mainstream paid attention to the katun prophecies.

Q: What typically happens during a Katun 2 Ahau?

Although the Maya calendars originated in Central America, scholars have learned over time that these prophecies also have a general application in the world at large – as has been illustrated in the analysis above.

In The Rise and Fall of Polarisation, it was mentioned that in some energy cycles the first half of the energy pyramid would be more materialistic and the second half would be more spiritual in terms of the mindsets that people would exhibit. Those mindsets would naturally also affect real events in society, and this segment will take a closer look at this concept within the context of what may happen during the rest of Katun 2 Ahau.

Studying the Katuns:

When Maya elders and shamans, or Western scholars, study a particular katun’s characteristics, they analyse the historical time frames of the katun’s past occurrences. The objective is to identify patterns of events that occur whenever a particular katun is active. Through this method, what typically happens during a katun becomes sufficiently clear to make predictions for what would or could happen when that katun is active again in the future.

Dissatisfaction in the Populace:

Kenneth Johnson identifies a recurring pattern of dissatisfaction in the populace during Katun 2 Ahau due to growing inequality, and he illustrates this through various examples. He states that in three of the previous Katuns 2 Ahau (731 to 751, 1500 to 1520 and 1756 to 1776), either the church or state rulers became completely out of touch with the needs of the populace. Corruption [6] was rife, taxes were high and excessive demands were placed upon the populace in various forms [12].

Religious or Ideological Crises:

In an article titled The Maya Katun Prophecies (1996), Bruce Scofield (a seasoned writer and scholar of Maya culture and astrology) states that during previous iterations of Katun 2 Ahau, great religious or ideological crises arose. He explains that religions or ideologies either branched out into new forms, or were forcefully co-opted by others. He also identifies a pattern of countries and individuals aspiring to more liberties and rights [13].

It is true that in previous 2-Ahau katuns there were great religious or ideological crises. Between 1500 and 1520 the Aztecs were conquered and forced to convert to Christianity. Also, in 1517, Martin Luther started the Protestant Reformation. 256 years later, between 1756 and 1776, the ideas of liberty and the rights of countries and individuals became a growing trend and this led to the American colonies declaring independence from England.” – Bruce Scofield

Towards Autonomy:

In his book titled Mayan Calendar Prophecies: The Complete Collection of 2012 Prophecies & Predictions, writer Gary C. Daniels delves deeper into the contexts that brought about the political, ideological and spiritual divides that came up during previous manifestations of Katun 2 Ahau.

He details, for example, how between the years of 1500 and 1520 the priesthood hierarchy in the church lost its influence and was abandoned in favour of a direct relationship with God, and how that ended up splitting the church. He also comes to the conclusion that the aspiration to group and individual autonomy during that katun laid the seeds for political independence in the USA on the return of that katun 256 years later [14].

An Evolutionary Process:

Each katun builds on its previous manifestation 256 years before it – and also on katuns that came before that. By studying history through a Maya calendar lens, it becomes evident that an evolutionary process related to the development of human consciousness is at work in the universe, which is – according to some schools of thought – the real reason why we find ourselves here on this planet, at this point in time. Fortunately, it’s not all doom and gloom as will be revealed in Parts 4 & 5 of this series.

By J.J. Montagnier

J.J. Montagnier is an independent researcher and writer. He has been studying and writing about Maya calendar-related subjects since 2014. He travelled to Central America in 2015 to familiarise himself better with Maya culture and history.

[First published on July 25, 2020 at]

Navigating The Greatest Shift in 26,000 Years


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    From what I can see from history, including what you have mentioned here, there is usually a feast before a famine. The creator gives us a time of prosperity so that we who are wise can save up for the years of lack. It is an act of mercy and we should take advantage of the goodness of God to help us prepare for times of famine. You present an interesting history from a Mayan point of view.

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