Energy Shifts


The resources below contain information valuable for a broader understanding of some of the physical and metaphysical energy trends discussed in the essays on this site. 


Newer Videos: Physical Energy – Talks and Presentations:

1. Dr. Simon Michaux: “Minerals and Materials Blindness” – The Great Simplification #19

“On this episode, we meet with Associate Professor of Geometallurgy at the Geological Survey of Finland, Dr. Simon Michaux.

Why do humans ignore important mineral and material limits that will affect human futures? Dr. Michaux reveals how we are “minerals blind” — and the consequences of this myopia.

To shed light on the effects of our minerals blindness, Dr. Michaux explores the disconnect between experts in renewable energy and economic and government leaders.

Dr. Michaux offers individual strategies for us to overcome our energy and minerals blindness. How can we learn to adapt in order to overcome the coming challenges?

Dr. Simon Michaux is an Associate Professor of Geometallurgy at the Geological Survey of Finland. He has a PhD in mining engineering. Dr. Michaux’s long-term work is on societal transformation toward a circular economy.”  [source]

2. Simon Michaux – Mining of Minerals and the Limits to Growth:
[Challenges for the proposed expansion in mining to construct a non-fossil fuel system (EV’s, batteries, wind turbines, solar panels, etc…)]

2. Energy Crisis Great Reset – Steve St. Angelo & Dave Russell:
[The Energy Cliff and its implications on the future economy – with charts & graphs]


Older Videos: Physical Energy – Talks and Presentations:

1. Steve St Angelo: Thermodynamic Oil Collapse & Future:
[Understanding EROI and Why the Economy Depends Upon it]

2. Jean-Marc Jancovici – Can We Save Energy, Employment and Growth at the Same Time?

3. Louis Arnoux Interviewed by Steve St Angelo – Thermodynamic Oil Collapse:
[Understanding EROI and How the Economy Depends Upon it (2)]

4. Arthur Keller – Collapse: The Only Realistic Scenario?

5. Joseph Tainter – Energy Gain and Complexity:
[Understanding Diminishing Returns and What it Would Take to Downscale and/or Transition]



Metaphysical Energy – Documentaries and Films: