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(2) Creating Structure Through Consciousness



Navigating the Greatest Shift: 2022 to 2032 (2) – Creating Structure Through Consciousness

Note: This series follows on from the Darkness Before Dawn series


Oneness and separateness exist at the same time. There will never be only separateness, neither will there ever be only oneness. At different times the one will seem to dominate more than the other, and when shifts occur the order will reverse. Collective mindsets dominate during certain ages and autonomous and sovereign mindsets dominate in others, and that would depend on whether consciousnesses is either relatively low or relatively high.


Our human experience of reality is the result of a metaphysical paradigm that manifests as a physical paradigm to our senses, but our awareness of the metaphysical side is rather limited. Reality, as it manifests, is, therefore, often inexplicable or contrary to our expectations. A case in point is the Greatest Shift in 26,000 years that’s currently in progress.

Although there’s great purpose and divine power in this transition, awareness of its divine and metaphysical aspects remains largely out of the picture for the average observer. Spiritual and religious interpretations are, however, indispensable for a deeper understanding of what’s unfolding in the world.

Crossing Boundaries

Western civilization has its foundations within the consciousness of the Christian religion, but modern Christianity generally separates itself from that which it considers to be derived from animism or astrology. The Christian Bible does not place events within clearly defined time frames. Rather, it refers to signs of the times [1] which would indicate when Biblical times are upon the world. Bible prophecies describe through symbolism and metaphor what those signs would be.

Ancient civilizations, on the other hand, had clearly defined energy cycles and patterns that showed when specific time cycles would end and when new ones would start. They too had prophecies that indicated through symbolism and myth what the circumstances would be during certain time frames. Today, many observable current events and trends can be matched with that which had been predicted from within the knowledge bases of ancient civilizations and also from within Biblical scriptures.

The discussion in this essay will traverse some of the boundaries that exist between esoteric concepts, energy cycles, metaphysics, spirituality and the Christian religion, and it will also integrate subjects found in anthropology, mythology and psychology. These essays are written from a Western perspective, so, therefore, Christianity is highlighted, but some of the signs of the times that are referred to in the Bible appear in the scriptures of other religions too.

The Reality of Structure

All belief systems set themselves apart from others and all of them hold to doctrines that are exclusive to others, which is a good example of compartmentalization and how that results in differentiation; and how differentiation leads to diversity and variety. Differentiation is a natural outcome of the reality of structure, and structure manifests itself in a multitude of ways.

Examples are that structure results in separation while non-structure results in inclusion. Structure results in components independent from each other and non-structure means everything is fluid or is integrated with vague distinctions. Structure leads to hierarchy and non-structure collapses hierarchies. Structure results in independence of thought and taking actions from a position of autonomy, whereas non-structure results in collective thought and taking action collectively.

Due to duality, a dichotomy always exists between structure and non-structure to varying degrees, but during certain time periods, non-structure becomes outright anti-structure and turns into a force that’s driven to dismantle structures.

The Final Ten Years

The previous chapter ended with a statement that the forces of darkness are bringing the old world to an end through their destructive ways. Such an understanding is arrived at through a study in the esoteric sciences on the subject of duality as it pertains to the rise and fall of civilizations. Biblical scriptures too, speak of a time when unbounded darkness would descend upon the world for a given period of time during the end of days [2].

In Parts 3, 4 and 5 of the Darkness Before Dawn series, it was shown that we are indeed at the end of a very long cycle, which is the 26,000-year Precession of the Equinoxes Cycle that’s currently winding down. A new cycle and, therefore, a New World will start up post-2032. At the same time, we are in the midst of a Great Shift between the Maya Fourth World and Maya Fifth World which will last for 40 years from 2012 to 2052. The centre-point of that shift will be in 2032 which correlates with the centre-point of the rebirth of the 26,000-year cycle which is between the years 2027 and 2032.

The conclusion arrived at is that between the years 2022 and 2032 we are, therefore, in the final 10 years of the old world – with regards to the 26,000-year cycleand we are approaching the centre point of the 40 year Maya Great Cycle Transition.

Maya and Vedic Cycle Fractal Shift Points During the Great Shift

The view of this writer is that the probability that we are in the Biblical end times too, is, therefore, very high. In the chapter The Lights Along the Way, it was stated that the new incoming light of consciousness of the New World – as it is measured in the Vedic Yuga Cycles – is already filtering in, but that it’s still somewhat faint and that it will only be fully energized in a few years from around 2027/2028 onward. It was also stated that a significant decline in human consciousness has occurred in recent years (since 2012, ironically) and that darkness has been in ascendancy to fill the vacuum. Presently, darkness is in full revival, while spiritual consciousness is rather low, which makes the current energy configuration very conducive for an end-times scenario.

During this in-between, low consciousness phase, it’s up to individuals to not only maintain and grow their personal consciousness but to engage in laying the foundations of the New World, either in thought or in practice. Maintaining internal structure through consciousness is, therefore, essential for maintaining external order in the midst of the chaos and for preserving the boundaries that would normally provide safety and security, because many of those boundaries are in the process of collapsing due to wide-scale corruption and animosity, resulting in turmoil and upheaval.

Islands of Structure

It is within islands of preserved structure where the seeds are sprouting for the foundations of the New World, internally first and then externally. The smallest island is the individual. Larger islands are family units, like-minded people and small communities. Metaphysically, the formation of islands of structure is a natural process, because as darkness descends and attempts to displace the light, people who are drawn to structure and light are naturally drawn to each other. Structured individuals and communities then split off naturally from broad collectives that are lacking in structure.

Bearing in mind that the world is entering a fossil fuel energy decline [3], transitioning into self-sufficiency is important. Self-determination combined with limited interdependence (only as far as it’s necessary and on a reciprocal basis) within localized communities would be the ideal model for weathering resource scarcity and a lack of security. The formation of traditional closely-knit communities that foster self-reliance and community contributions is likely to be a good model because self-reliance without security in a world of scarcity does not provide much resilience.

Darkness vs. The Light

Darkness, as a metaphysical force, is in the process of artificially fashioning the world in its own image before the natural and organic birth of the New World takes place post-2032. The current interim period of low consciousnesses, described previously, with all its resultant human weaknesses, is being taken advantage of by the darkness to achieve its long-term objectives.

The nature of darkness has been known since time immemorial and darkness should be expected to always act in accordance with its own nature. All ancient mythologies of the world, and our modern stories, depict darkness as being motivated to rule, to dominate and to subjugate. Metaphysically speaking, darkness perceives itself as being in eternal competition with the Light.

Biblical Times

When deep darkness descends during a major transition such as the one we are in right now, its power accumulates to the extent that it’s effectively given temporary reign. Another way of putting it would be to say that the universe makes an allowance for the forces of darkness to be activated and empowered for a limited time period in-between epochs. In the Christian Bible, the appearance of unbounded and seemingly unconstrained darkness [4] occurs at the end of days during the time of Tribulation [5].

The nature of darkness is that it is motivated to mould the world – and the people within it – in its vision of how the world and its inhabitants should be. As stated before, the metaphysical energies are currently very conducive for darkness to enact its objectives because we are presently in the no-man’s land of the underworld between two grand energy cycles where darkness has dominance.

This concept can also be understood through a study of anthropology with regards to what is known as liminality [6][7]. In a nutshell, there’s structure in everything, even within the chaos of transitions because there are stages to transitions. Darkness would be aware of those stages and would attempt to prolong the in-between, liminal stage (the underworld phase) of the transition.

The underworld phase of the Greatest Shift is a temporary phenomenon, so darkness has a limited window of opportunity to arrive at its objectives. Darkness rules best in its own domain, so if it can manage to hold everyone back from transitioning out of the underworld into a higher consciousness, it might manage to prolong its temporary reign indefinitely.

Ancient Esoteric Wisdom

The energy-driven remaking of the world through processes of dissolution and rejuvenation always happen during grand shifts from one epoch to the next. Ancient civilizations were aware that this phenomenon was built into major transitions between grand cycles and they made cryptic references to it in their inscriptions and texts referring to processes of disassembly and reassembly.

From a cause and effect principle, the actions of darkness will be a catalyst for the complete reordering of the world. Through the alchemy of duality, the negativity of darkness ends up generating its opposites. A knock-on effect with broad consequences is then set in motion. The reality is that without some upheaval from time to time, everything would be static in the world and without very significant upheaval on rare occasions, a phenomenal change couldn’t come about.

Metaphysically speaking, the old world is being taken down (disassembled) through the chaos that’s caused by the agents of devolution who are commandeered by their unconsciousness to act destructively. Once the storms have subsided sufficiently and once the energy is conducive for it, a New World will have to be put together again (reassembled anew) by the Builders of the New World, but in an improved, elevated form that’s aligned with the new consciousness of the new incoming age.

However, the consciousness of the old, outgoing world cannot authentically put together a New World. A new consciousness is needed for that, but we are still transitioning into such a consciousness, which is why islands of structure in the interim period are like Noah’s Arks. They act as lifeboats for sanctuary and preservation during the transition turmoil.

A Hypothetical Scenario

If, hypothetically speaking, a simulated new world could be artificially constructed by darkness in advance, it would not have to transition into a higher consciousness, especially if it can convince everyone to join it in its artificially created new world. The forces of darkness are utterly materialistic and are either unable or unwilling to make a spiritual transition. It would, therefore, want to maintain materialism in the extreme, while the new age will require a move into spirituality with less emphasis on materialism.

Humanity at a Crossroads

Decay, chaos and collapse always precede the genuine renewal phase when authentic rejuvenation and restructuring take place organically; and a New World always rises out of the rubble of the old world naturally. However, it’s during the interim in-between stage that humans are susceptible to being misled and deceived into entering false new worlds.

In anthropology, a known aspect of liminal periods during transitions is that trickster [8] archetypes appear. They have a tendency of taking advantage of the confusion that usually reigns during transitions by amplifying it even more, thereby prolonging it while also acting as saviours or rescuers of the situation by offering false solutions. What is of relevance here is that the Christian Bible speaks of a time of great deception [4] during the Tribulation in the End-Time.

Bearing the above in mind, one could conclude that humanity has arrived at an important juncture. It has to choose which way it wants to go – either towards an artificial, materialistic, fake ‘new world’; or towards the real thing – a genuine, organic, natural and spiritually-infused, real New World – the one that has been predicted for so long by so many ancient traditions. We are at a split in the road. As things stand it would seem that some people will choose to go in one direction and others will choose to go in the other direction.

The Future is Bright

We are presently in the midst of one of the most significant time periods in the entire history of the human race. A highly energized time of regeneration will follow the period of decay and destruction and will hold immense positive opportunities for inspired and constructive creatives who are motivated to participate in the regeneration and rebuilding processes.

Many spiritual communities put forward the concept of Light Workers. All Light Workers have a specific role and should intuitively know what that is. While some would want to stand for authentic truth, real freedom and true justice (publicly), others would want to be involved in building structured communities in anticipation of difficult times due to the upcoming economic downturn because of a physical energy decline [3].

The End of Structure

This brings the discussion to the observational aspects of the real-world decline of structures and the decay within them. What’s currently transpiring in the world could be summarized as follows. All human-created structures are fallible because humans – who are fallible beings – are in charge of institutions created by other humans who came before them.

Modern, democratic nations are underpinned by constitutional frameworks and the rule of law. When those structures fail because humans fail to uphold them, civilization starts to crumble. Eventually, a partial or full collapse of the system becomes inevitable. A time period of non-structure (a type of liminality) then ensues.

When principled support for the institutions that are meant to uphold the structures that keep societies ordered, fade out because of a lack of care for them (or due to outright animosity towards them), such institutions enter a period of decay. Eventually, they end up being hollow shells that stand for something that’s not really there anymore; they become empty shells manned by ‘empty shells’ – people who are there in person but not really there in spirit.

Structures that maintain order in society only have meaning and value from the perspective of a structured mind, meaning a personality that is well differentiated. A differentiated consciousness has a well developed conceptual framework for ethics in place and would have a relatively strong degree of moral autonomy – strong enough to withstand the ebb and flow of collective group-think.

Unfortunately, because of the invisible but general dissolution of inner structure in the Western World, corruption has more or less become the norm and many people have turned to exploiting the very structures that were meant to uphold values and principles in the first place. The result has been that important institutions are now being actively hollowed out from within by the very people who are supposed to preserve and maintain them.

When wide-scale corruption emanating from public institutions becomes patently obvious, the reverence that societies once felt for them declines to the extent that they lose legitimacy in the eyes of the general populace. People employed within them would, however, continue to prop them up, but only to maintain their positions and their benefits. The most corrupted individuals usually rise to the top and everything becomes inverted; the institutions themselves then eventually promote the opposite of what they are meant to stand for.

A Time for Introspection

Liminal periods demand introspection. People can pull themselves out of the proverbial underworld through truth by removing the corruption from within themselves by facing the truth of their own corruption. This is the personal-level introspection that is required during this phase of the Greatest Shift. What that basically comes down to is that individuals would have to take an internal stand within themselves and within their institutions against corruption by recognizing it and by simply not participating in it.

Last Minute Transitions

People who become aware that they tend to generally make the wrong choices that place them predominantly on the side of darkness have the opportunity to transition over to the side of structure and truth through their own personal willpower. Last-minute transitions usually come about through the arrival of a natural yearning for expanding one’s consciousness rather than continuing to limit it through the denial of truth and the undermining of structures. This would be a sign of the spirit within a person being activated to override unconsciousness.

The Rise of Anti-Structure

Those who are less conscious and, therefore, on auto-pilot mode, are often automatically under the direction of darkness, due to a lack of differentiation within themselves regarding wrong vs. right; good vs. bad, etc.

Anti-structure becomes an unconscious force during times of low consciousness and hive-mind collectives rise up against the structures that uphold society. Recent and ongoing examples have included the de-funding of police and wide-scale rioting, the undermining of free and fair elections, a broad denial of the existence of hierarchies, and the dismantling of age-old social institutions such as the traditional family and the existence of biological gender distinctions.

Many more such examples could be listed, but what underlies the general animosity that’s levelled against traditional and well-established structures is – at the base of it – an ideology of anti-structure, because traditional and conservative values have structure. They have hierarchies in place within them and within those hierarchies, there’s a lot of compartmentalization and differentiation.

Those who wish to participate in the subsequent rebuilding of the world, are not likely to participate in the instigation, promotion and propagation of destructive activities within the destruction phase of the Greatest Shift, while those on the other side will most likely relish the destructive phase because they sense that it’s their time.

Sensible and constructive people cannot see any sense in senseless destruction. Generally, these would be people who favour order, cohesion and harmony and who are most likely spiritually inclined too. They would maintain their inner structure by maintaining their higher consciousness through their spiritual practices, cultural traditions, traditional values, or through their independence of thought.

For the above-mentioned people having to observe the destructiveness of the dissolution processes happening all around them without them being able to do very much about it, is the most difficult aspect for people who value structure, because they despair at the obvious decline of their civilization.

The Great Divide (Revisited)

During these times of extreme duality, the energies of darkness and the energies of light in human form are choosing either side of the metaphysical divide – either the destructive processes or the constructive ones. In that sense, some people are acting as agents of darkness and some people are acting as agents of Light – and in both cases, it’s by choice because on a subconscious level, even the most unconscious entity is aware of its actions. For the inhabitants of the underworld, the long-term future will be unknown, because they will have turned away from the new incoming light by their own volition.

The two types of energies described above clearly hold very conflicting positions because they are compelled to fulfil very contrary roles during the Greatest Shift, which is why during these final ten years of the old world fading out, a person cannot be for darkness and also be for Light at the same time. That’s where the divine purpose of the high levels of polarization in society during this time comes in – it creates the circumstances that force people to make clear choices between dark and Light many times over. It makes fence-sitting almost impossible and that’s by metaphysical design. The Great Divide has a great purpose – it’s sorting the wheat from the chaff.

Circumstances are placing the dark and light energies in spiritual and, therefore, also moral and ethical opposition to each other, to the extent that the divide between the two poles increasingly cannot be reconciled. This is because of the extent to which some moral and ethical boundaries are breached by the carriers of darkness; boundaries that are considered inviolable or sacrosanct to those who support personal freedoms, individual rights and – very importantly – the right to bodily autonomy (with regards to the right to opt out of new experimental medical solutions).

A Rite of Passage

Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find itMatthew 7:13-14 [9]

When considering these extraordinary present-day circumstances from a spiritual and religious perspective, it could be interpreted that The Universe orders this scenario by way of a particular energy configuration that manifests at the very end of the age as a final test for humans to spiritually pass through as a metaphysical rite of passage before they can enter into the New World. People who are spiritually adept would recognize clearly that the world has entered into a classic spiritual battle between the forces of good and evil.

When consulting the opinions of wise mystics and elders, they all seem to be of the view that the deepest levels of darkness should be navigated strategically, because darkness is well organized and especially empowered within its own domain. It would, for example, make little sense to want to wage battles against systems installed by the forces of darkness if one voluntarily decides to participate in such systems, because clearly those systems are established within the domain of darkness by darkness. Simply opting out of them in the first place would be a much wiser approach, and an easier route to follow.

The Transmutation of Darkness

We are not in the business of fighting darkness, we are farmers of light – Jewel (Alaskan folk singer) [10]

The post-apocalyptic future will be an exceedingly bright one for motivated Builders of the New World. With the right engagement, the Children of the Light will see to it that the future is bright by always being oriented towards the Light. Just like darkness can displace light, light can also displace darkness. While darkness is forcefully breaking down the mainlines, the Light Workers are already building on the sidelines.

Learning how to navigate the challenges posed by the forces of darkness can result in the expansion of consciousness through the inner knowledge and personal growth that are obtained from the learning processes found within those challenges. Each challenge presents an opportunity to find ways to deal with that challenge and to transcend it.

The negativity presented by external darkness can thereby be transmuted into positive internal growth through the successful navigation of challenges. Inner resilience and spiritual faith then becomes constantly strengthened through ongoing growth experiences offered by dark challenges, resulting in a positive approach to negative situations in general. Inner growth opportunities then end up becoming rewards that are almost always worth pursuing.

Arriving at such a state of mind is also a matter of pragmatism because it’s simply the best way to get through dark times, as opposed to constantly considering oneself a victim of negative circumstances. Viewing everything as a potential inner growth opportunity sets one firmly on the path of the Spiritual Warrior. Such an approach also naturally leads to inevitable positive and constructive changes in the outside world. 

Continued in: Humanity at the Crossroads (Part 1) – A World Out of Balance

By J.J. Montagnier

J.J. Montagnier is an independent researcher and writer. He has been studying and writing about Maya calendar-related subjects since 2014. He travelled to Central America in 2015 to familiarise himself better with Maya culture and history. The views and opinions are those of the writer. Creative license has been applied to make some concepts more accessible.

Navigating The Greatest Shift in 26,000 Years


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