Energy Shifts


Analyzing: Energy Cycles; Energy Trends; Energy Timelines; Ancient Prophecy
Mapping the Greatest Shifts in the Maya, Vedic and Precessional Cycles
Integrating Fossil Fuel Energy Analyses


About the site:

The Energy Shifts essays are about the future of humanity in relation to present and future physical and non-physical energy trends. The underlying themes are about human nature, human consciousness and human development.

The objective is to approach the Energy Transition debate (i.e. moving from fossil fuels to renewable and/or other energy and lifestyle solutions) from a different angle by bringing metaphysical energy trends into the mix while putting timelines to events within accurate ancient calendar systems. This would hopefully stimulate out-of-the-box thinking for fresh perspectives.

Please note: these essays are works in progress. Edits may occur after publication. Sometimes, content earmarked for follow-up chapters only makes it into later chapters. Some essays will become available in book format at a later date. Please join the subscriber list for news and updates about the project.


About the writer:

JJM at Copán in Honduras (2015)

J.J. Montagnier is an independent writer (presently based in South Africa.) His main areas of interest are depth-psychology, consciousness, ancient civilisations, mythology, archaeology, anthropology, philosophy and metaphysics.

Job Sector: Education.

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