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(3) Truth and Energy at the Crossroads

Truth And Energy Energy Shifts

Crossroads Crises in Perspective (Part 3) – Truth and Energy at the Crossroads


The view from the Global South: Looking from the outside in. This series of essays is based on readings of reports, articles, and presentations that are in the public domain, with provided references. The content contains futurology based on cycle science and the mystical sciences. Readers are encouraged to approach the text with critical, yet open minds.


Western culture is at the crossroads. It must either cling to its outmoded unilateral conception of truth, or else correct its onesidedness by reintroducing other systems. The former choice means that it will forfeit every creative possibility and become completely impotent and fossilized. The alternative will lead to the reestablishment of an integral and more adequate system of truths and values (Pitirim A. Sorokin, The Crisis of Our Age). 1


This chapter delves deeper into contradictions and generalisations surrounding crises perceived as global in nature. At the core of the discussion is the theme of truth and its relevance to our lives.

Rising Out of Groupthink

The ease with which certain opinions obtain general acceptance results more especially from the impossibility experienced by the majority of men of forming an opinion peculiar to themselves and based on reasoning of their own (Gustave Le Bon, The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind). 2

Knowledge is a fundamental aspect of consciousness, and individuals can elevate their consciousness above that of the general populace by accumulating information that diverges from the mainstream. However, it is essential to recognise that simply possessing a vast amount of alternative knowledge does not automatically equate to wisdom.

While acquiring knowledge is valuable, assimilating irrelevant or false information can indeed result in blind spots and paradoxical beliefs. Verification of facts and critical reasoning are indispensable in this regard. An open-minded approach is necessary to avoid dismissing potentially valuable information, but it must be coupled with an investigative mindset to discern truth from misinformation.

Identifying information that fills in blind spots and illuminates shadows is crucial for distinguishing the wheat from the chaff. With diligent adherence to this process, a more nuanced, comprehensive, and holistic understanding can emerge. Falling back into groupthink and mainstream assumptions should always be guarded against.

Contradictory Remedies

It was illustrated in the previous chapter that certain subjects, such as climate, the environment, and population, must be carefully considered individually to differentiate whether they are in crisis or not, and whether any crises are of a local or global nature.

The discussion below highlights, in no particular order, some of the general contradictions within proposed remedies for the ostensible environmental and climate crises, with attention placed on the transition from fossil fuels to alternative energies. 

The rest of this chapter is available in PDF format or as an archived page:

Chapter Segments:

  • Introduction [excerpt above]
  • Rising Out of Groupthink [excerpt above]
  • Contradictory Remedies [excerpt above]
  • Blind Spots in the Spotlight
  • The Urgency to Save the Planet
  • Paradox, Oxymoron and Dual-Meaning
  • Sustainability Through Emerging Technologies
  • Green Industrialisation
  • Mantras Are Not Always Truisms
  • Religious Techno-Utopianism
  • Intermittent Energy Solutions
  • Select Your Circular Economy
  • Out with the Old and In with the New
  • Constant Progress as an Imperative
  • Social Equity as an Afterthought
  • Choose Your Just Transition
  • Objectives versus Outcomes
  • A Missing Case Study
  • Environmentalism in the Spotlight
  • Placing Recycling at the Centre
  • Fast Fashion and Planned Obsolescence
  • Ambiguous Solutions for Confusing Problems
  • Decentralised Crisis Management Revisited
  • Departing from Ambiguity
  • The Path to Illumination

By J.J. Montagnier

26 May 2024

About the author: J.J. Montagnier is an independent researcher and writer based in the Global South, at a midpoint between West and East. The views and opinions expressed are those of the writer. (This content is made available for free as a public service and is not intended for commercial use).

Copyright © All Rights Reserved.

Note: References for further reading are a necessary complementary feature due to essays having limited scope. Resources are carefully selected with the reader in mind based on their relevance for a deeper understanding. Readers are encouraged to access the referenced materials as needed.


1. Sorokin PA. The crisis of our age. London, England: Oneworld Publications; 1992.

2. Le Bon G. The crowd: A study of the popular mind. Mineola, NY: Dover Publications; 2012.

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