Energy Shifts is a series of essays about the future of humanity in relation to present and future (physical and non-physical) energy trends. The underlying themes are about human nature, human psychology, human consciousness and human development.

The objective is to approach the Energy Transition debate (i.e. moving from fossil fuels to renewable energies) from a different angle by bringing metaphysical energy trends into the mix. This would hopefully stimulate some out-of-the-box thinking for fresh perspectives.

The Energy Shifts series will become available in book format at a later date. Please join the subscriber list for news and updates about the project.

J.J. Montagnier is an independent writer and futurologist based in South America. His interests are: psychology, anthropology, mythology, archeology, philosophy, spirituality and the future.

Job Sector: Education.

Background: Careers in information technology, banking and retail with international work experience in hospitality, manufacturing, construction, agriculture, social services and volunteering.

Montagnier is a permanent student at The University of Life and Travel.


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