Energy Shifts


The resources below contain information valuable for a broader understanding of some of the physical and metaphysical energy trends discussed in the essays on this site. (Note: This site does not necessarily endorse all of the views in these resources.)


Physical Energy – Talks and Presentations:

  1. Steve St Angelo: Thermodynamic Oil Collapse & Future
    [Understanding EROI and Why the Economy Depends Upon it (1)]

2. Simon Michaux – The Raw Materials Challanges Facing The Energy Transition From Oil to Minerals:

3. Richard Norris – Energy In Society: Myth of Utopia

4. Jean-Marc Jancovici – Can We Save Energy, Employment and Growth at the Same Time?

5. Louis Arnoux Interviewed by Steve St Angelo – Thermodynamic Oil Collapse:
[Understanding EROI and How the Economy Depends Upon it (2)]

6. Arthur Keller – Collapse: The Only Realistic Scenario?

7. Joseph Tainter – Energy Gain and Complexity:
[Understanding Diminishing Returns and What it Would Take to Downscale and/or Transition]


Metaphysical Energy Documentaries and Films: